Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, here's an update on my "training".  I use quotation marks because the word training seems so serious.  Maybe its just the way I've always heard the term used, but it has always carried an air of negativity in my mind.  So we'll call it playing.  That sounds better.

I've played a lot over the past few weeks.  I'm on pace to hit my first 100 mile month in running and 95% of those miles have been in the mountains surrounding Whiskeytown.  As Billy Brown says, I've "earned my view" on numerous occasions.

In addition to the trail runs, I've been spending some time running in my New Balance - Minimus shoes (minimalist shoes).  I can feel my feet and calves getting stronger from those runs but the main high points are the "cool-off" sessions plunging into the Sacramento River.

What other fun playing have I been doing?  Well, I spent some time kayaking on the Trinity River a couple of Saturdays ago; never been kayaking but it was a blast!  Pretty sketchy rapids through Hell's Hole but nobody died so I guess it was a success.  Although not that great of a work-out, kayaking was super-fun! 

Then, to top it off, spent some time house-boating with Anna and our friends last weekend which was a ton of fun.  Tubing kicked my butt, as did wake-boarding but the highlight of the trip wasn't the exercise, it was the beautiful surroundings and quality time with great friends.

Now that I've reminisced about the past few weeks, I need to drink some water, eat a snack and get ready to go play on the trails early tomorrow morning.

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